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Students created mobiles in both my 3D class and digital art and design class.


  • In 3D art students learned about Alexander Calder and his use of shapes, lines and balance. His work was also paired with Joel Armstrong's paper and wire sculptures. Students explored line, shape, form and balance in their projects to create something unique, personal and expressive! Unfortunately I did not photograph their work but some of it you will be able to see hanging in the classroom photographs

Calder & Armstrong Mobile Lesson Materials:

Mobile Presentation 

Mobile Planning Worksheet

Mobile Rubric and Reflection Sheet

  • In Digital Art & Design: because we did not have technology to focus on the digital part of the class we often explored and focused on design.

The mobiles that were created in this class explored shape and color when designing "About Me" mobiles.

Students also had the choice to display their forms in a variety of ways and some students chose mobiles. This project focused on balance, line, form and contrast.

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