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Remote Learning

During March of 2020 students and teachers were all sent home with no knowledge of when they would be back in the classroom. Initially it was just going to be 2 weeks of online learning but as the world soon found out that 2 weeks continued for the remainder of the school year. None of my students had any supplies with them besides their sketchbooks. Some students had lots of art supplies at home and others only had a pencil. I created a variety of lessons that allowed students to utilize what they had at home and still be creative and successful in their art making. 

Links to Different Lessons:

Origami Lesson & Assignment  •  Found Object Color Wheel    •  Portrait Photography  •  National Park Poster Part 1  Part 2

                                                                                                                                                                                                             Part 3

At the end of the school year I put together a slide show with what images I had before we left the classroom and the images I gathered from what they submitted to me online to have a final virtual art gallery. We had a live viewing with the students and it was sent home to parents and guardians as well as the other teachers and administrators in the community. 

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